Welcome to the Tyro Christian Church Building Block area (infants through Kindergarten)! Our area is located to the left of the main entrance off of highway 166. Our Building Block area is open during all services and is divided into the different age groups:
Infants up to 1-year of age have a colorful room that is equipped with baby swings and activities that is age-appropriate. As an extra benefit to these children, we have a nursing mother’s room where a mother has a quiet place to feed her baby and still be able to watch the service through a live video feed. This room is located in the nursery part of our area.
Children who are 1 year of age have a room decorated with Noah’s ark and animals. The room is equipped with toys just their size which provide them with a time of fun. The children also enjoy listening to and watching music videos that teach them about Jesus and His love for them. In the infants and one year old rooms, they have their own hands-on lesson during the Sunday school hour.
The two’s through Kindergarten age have their own designated rooms just for their age. This is where they will spend their time learning about Jesus. This room provides the space needed for learning and play. This age group has a time of singing songs, puppet time as a group then they will go to their own room for their appropriate age lesson where they learn about Jesus.
When a child is brought to the Building Block area, he or she is put into our check in program where the family is given a number. That number is a secure way as to who is able to pick the child up after services. The child will have a sticker with their name on it as well as the number that the parent receives. This helps us make sure each child and their belongings return to the same person who dropped them off. If a child in the Building Block area is inconsolable after a reasonable amount of time, the person who dropped them off will be notified. If they are in Worship service, the child’s security number will flash on two silent pagers located on the wall to the right and left of the stage. If it is during the Sunday school hour, then the parent will be notified in person.
When dropping your child off you can be assured that every reasonable means is being taken for their safety and security. Plain clothes security personnel are always in the area to assist if any problems should arise.
Get in Touch:
Contact our Early Childhood Director: Joyce Foster