Ministry Teams 2018:
Descriptions & Leadership

Tyro Christian Church has many ministries to be involved in. As a member volunteer, you play a crucial role in ensuring our ministries effectively reach our visitors and the world for Christ.

Here are the current Ministry Teams for 2018

  • Automotive Ministry Team

    This team helps maintain and repair vehicles associated with Tyro Christian Church.

  • Barns/Storage Team

    This team takes inventory, determines future use & value, reorganizes and refines items, make items readily available for special events, and helps return items after use.
    LEADER: Robert Fitzsimmons (918) 331-7664

  • Blanket Blessings Team

    This team works through the process of making baby and prayer blankets for the church.
    LEADER: Gloria White (620) 515-4281

  • Building & Grounds

    This team aims to keep the buildings and grounds clean and presentable by keeping trash and debris picked up; performing outside maintenance on grounds and building; generally keeping the grounds picked up and tidy so our facility is attractive to those people looking for Christ.
    LEADER: Eric Walter (620) 779-0788

  • Building Steward

    This team takes care of miscellaneous items around the church on Sundays. They ensure all doors are locked and the environment is safe after services come to an end.
    LEADER: Charles McClure

  • CD Team

    This team helps provide CD’s, DVD’s, and other forms of communication related to sermons, messages and other events at Tyro Christian Church.
    LEADER: Jay Jones (620) 331-2034

  • Chairs Team

    This team is in charge of resetting all the auditorium chairs after larger events in the church 2-3 times a year. In addition to these special events, four members meet before/after church services once a month for about 15 minutes, to realign/straighten the chairs.
    LEADER: Mick Holt (620) 216-0605

  • College Meal Team

    This team creates monthly meals for the College Age students, during the school year. They use the meals to attract students to TCC and connect with them. The team prepares the food, serves the meals, and talks with students.
    LEADER: Sandra Gross

  • Communion Preparation Team

    This team helps prepare and clean communion trays for Sunday services. It is a one month commitment.
    LEADER: Dinah Eden (620) 879-2197

  • Decoration Team

    This team will decorate the church approximately four to six weeks prior to each season and for special events.
    LEADER: Linda Moon (620) 515-2646

  • Drama Team

    This team acts in short skits and videos to support the message during occasional Sunday services and special events.
    LEADER: Harty Blackert (620) 948-3110

  • Encouragement Team

    This team looks to encourage people through cards, phone calls, and visits.
    LEADER: Frank Brewster (620) 331-1981

  • First Impression Team

    This team focuses on our parking lots, signs, foyer, entrances, and other areas around the building to ensure a good first impression to our visitors.
    LEADERS: Steve Becker, Kyle Heater

  • Funeral Meal Team

    This team organizes and provides meals for families at the church before/after their loved one’s service.
    LEADER: Kim Seigel (918) 440-1058

  • The Greeters Team

    This team works to make sure all visitors and members of the church feel welcomed on Sunday mornings at our three main entrances.
    LEADER: Ben Allen (620) 705-1448

  • Home Communion Team

    This team serves communion to anyone in our church who is unable to make it to church in our surrounding communities. The team has great opportunity to reach out to others and give them the chance to commune with the Lord. They pray with them, comfort them and give them someone to talk with.
    LEADER: Aaron Robins (620) 870-8346

  • Hospitality Team

    This team works together to make everyone feel welcome through things like guest central, the coffee bar, and other areas around the church.
    LEADER: Darren Heady (620) 870-1911

  • Inside Maintenance Team

    This team works to upkeep and improve the inside of the church buildings as needed.
    LEADER: James Jones (918) 504-1989

  • Landscape Team

    This team glorifies God by using the talents and abilities He has entrusted to them by planning, creating, and maintaining landscaping around the church and property.
    LEADER: Ron Winsor (620) 464-0118

  • Laundry Team

    This team launders the baptism clothes as needed and the kitchen towels on a weekly basis on a monthly rotation.
    LEADER: Stephanie Kelley (620) 988-2365

  • Media Team

    This team works to capture and share what goes on around TCC. They work in two main avenues, Sunday morning camera operators who record the services and content creators who capture pictures and video at special events.
    LEADER: Virgil Peck

  • Music Team

    This team uses their instrument and vocal talents to encourage the church and point people towards Jesus.
    LEADER: Sarah Thompson (918) 214-6094

  • Newsletter Team

    This team puts together the monthly newsletter for the church by folding and putting address labels on the mailings.
    LEADER: Karen Deal (620) 289-4433

  • Parking Attendant

    This team greets people at the main door outside and assists them in getting in the building.
    Team LEADER: Jim French (918) 214-5663 
or Aaron Brake (620) 330-2504

  • Recreation Team

    This team organizes and creates different recreational opportunities for TCC and the surrounding communities.
    LEADERS: Jared Jabben (620) 515-1140, Zack Wade (620) 331-9693

  • Security Team

    This team provides safety and comfort to all at TCC.
    LEADERS: Al Penner (620) 423-2077, Kyle Hand

  • Tech Team

    This team utilizes lighting, sound, and video to support the message during each of our Sunday services. We will provide training for these roles.
    LEADER: Jason Curtis (620) 330-0831

  • Usher Team

    This team welcomes people into the auditorium and helps them be seated, open overflow areas and move chairs when needed.
    LEADER: John Smart (620) 331-1556 or Jim French (918) 214-5663

  • Widow/Elderly Caretaking Team

    This team aims to love, help, and provide assistance for those in our congregation who are in need of care-taking.
    LEADERS: Beau Eden (620) 515-3853, Zach Good

  • Wonderfully Made Team

    This team supports the ministry for people with disabilities, in which people with disabilities and their families have the opportunity to glorify God.
    Leader: Anneliese Beye (620) 515-4448

  • Your Phone Number is used to reach you about scheduling and training (if necessary).
    Please let us know what type of Phone Number you provided us with (above).
  • Please select the Ministry Team you wish to be a part of.