A New Kind of Prayer Service

As a Bible-based, Christ-centered church we know to gather together, in His name. We also know the power of prayer. Tonight, we want both to occur; just in a little bit different way.

Tonight, we want every family; every man, woman and child; young and old, every single member of Tyro Christian Church, to “gather together in His name” at your own homes and have your very own home prayer service.

We are not asking for a complicated or formal production. We simply want you and your family to bow your heads together and pray. Pray for anything you feel led to pray for. Sing if you want. Watch some past sermons from our SERMONS link, if you want. Tailor your home prayer service to your family; just make sure to spend some time in prayer.

While you are praying, please take a moment to pray for the future of Tyro Christian Church. Pray for:

  1. God’s guidance.
  2. Dependence upon God – keep our eyes on Jesus.
  3. God to reveal to us a person that has the ability to run a church our size.
  4. God to reveal to us a person that is a great communicator and teacher.
  5. God to reveal to us a person that has a heart for people and for interpersonal communication.
  6. Clarity as to characteristics and qualities of our next lead minister.
  7. Unity for the leadership and the congregation.
  8. Elder’s to hear God’s voice with clarity and feel peace as they discern whom they should interview.
  9. The elders as they go through the selection process, pray that they place the church’s needs and desires before their own.
  10. Unity of the eldership on what is needed int the next lead minister (experience, education, expertise)
  11. The church to be receptive to a new lead minister.