Leadership Update

For those who were not in attendance on April 29th, this is a condensed version of Nathan Boldt’s announcement: 

My wife and I come up here today to announce to you that we have recently chosen to begin a ministry in the Houston, Texas area. Specifically Katy, Texas. We are going to plant a church there from scratch.

HOW DID THIS COME ABOUT: This has been something we have bathed in prayer, sought counsel about from many people we trust. We even went through an intense four day assessment in which a panel of nine people assessed our lives/personalities/gifts/weaknesses on whether we were built for planting a church. 

More importantly, this decision has involved God working on our hearts to do this, to the point where if we did not go we would have felt a restlessness by saying “no.” We believe we are simply obeying God’s leading in this. In short, this decision has not been made lightly.

CLARIFICATION: While it’s quite obvious to us we are following God’s call, this has still been extremely difficult. We love this church. Things are going well, people who do not know the Lord are coming, and entering into a relationship with God To be honest, this would have been easier if things were not going well here. 

We love this church. You’ve been such encouragers to my family and I. We will never forget that. And we are always rooting for you!

We love the eldership. When I informed them a couple Monday night’s ago, they were sad yet extremely supportive. There is no way for me to verbalize how impressed I am with the nine men who serve as our elders. I see what situations they have to address, and I see the information they work with, the manner of grace they give these situations. I am continually amazed by them. I believe you ought to be as well. 

We are not leaving for a fatter salary. We are not leaving for a larger church. (We are going to a church of zero currently.) We are not leaving for something more comfortable. This is quite risky. As a matter of fact, this is not really about leaving, this is about going. It’s about the great commission. To go, make disciples… And if I have 40 days left on this earth or 40 years left, that’s what I plan on doing with them: Bring people to Jesus. 

TIMELINE: To give you as much information as possible, here is our timeline, here is what this means for you. I will preach through the rest of May, and my last Sunday to preach will be Memorial Day weekend, May 27th. I will work here through June, but not be here on Sunday’s. There is work I have to do to get the church plant off the ground. Officially, we will probably go to Houston sometime in early July. 

Starting in June, TCC will have an interim preacher, Bob Witte, he spoke here 3 Sundays ago, he works at OCC. He did an outstanding job, and I don’t think you’ll miss a beat from the pulpit, and will be a huge blessing. He has already committed for the Sundays in June, July and August, minus 3 Sundays he had previous commitments. 

After June, Myron Klesner will handle the daily decisions around the office, and again, I have worked closely with him and the church won’t miss a beat there either.

My excitement for the future of this church is not less today, it’s as high as it’s ever been. That’s because I know that this church is made up of a bunch of faithful believers who are here not because of the messenger, but because of the message. 

And the message is always and will always be Jesus. 

I’d like to close with a verse, one I truly believe:

Lamentations 3: Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

Side note: An interim preacher is not the permanent preacher. He will fill the pulpit until the leadership selects the new full-time preacher.

Video of April 29th Update