Impact: Decision (Day 2)

It was an early morning in the hotel breakfast area with my wife as we were getting ready to head to a conference with the Boldt’s. I didn’t think much of the splashing sounds coming from the pool area nearby.  When much to my surprise, through the breakfast lobby walks Nathan in his swimming trunks and towel, barefoot, still dripping from his dip in the pool.  As he walked past each table, an awkward moment was exchanged between him and all the breakfast eaters. I couldn’t help but think…could you at least put a shirt on or maybe wait till the breakfast area isn’t full of innocent bystanders?
Have you ever wished people would make better decisions? I don’t know so much about other people, but I know there’s been many moments in my life that I regret choices I’ve made.
We make decisions everyday that impact our future, family, careers and most importantly our relationship with Christ.  So, today what choice can you make that has a direct impact on you or someone else’s relationship with Christ? Today, choose well. Next time, I might make the wise choice: to stay at a different hotel.

Joshua 24:15 “…choose today whom you will serve…But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”
-Doug Songer